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For the exhibition and presentation of your bathroom range, RASEC RETAIL offers you a large selection of display units and supports. With racks and shelving, we highlight your accessories from the smallest to the heaviest and bulkiest and optimise your offering with solutions that are both aesthetic and practical. Easy to visualise in the bathroom space, the taps counter offers you the chance to modulate your presentation with astonishing ease and speed. Shelving (whether it is low with podiums or high with glass shelves,  rug stands, grooved panels) in metal or with a wood trim, offers many merchandising combinations for accessories such as toilet seats, small accessories for the bathroom, and more. Finally specific free-standing display units, grooved panels on a free-standing frame, sliding display units with or without storage are available in order to perfect the presentation of your shower booths, bathroom furniture, convector heaters, and more. We have a solution for each presentation! Contact us!