Diy Superstores




25 or 50 cm thick, single or double face, combined with a large selection of standard or specific accessories (smooth backs, slatted backs, perforated backs, wood backs, metal, glass or wood shelves) shelving offers a wealth of presentation solutions for your products in all your retail outlets, whether food, DIY, specialist or local. Wall shelving, central shelving, or aisle end, it is easily modular and allows the exhibition of your offering at privileged points in the store. Integrated into a light rack, it is the ideal solution for helping with store picking whilst also increasing storage space. Used mainly in storerooms or in “Building materials” zones, heavy racks are adapted to your storage capacity needs. Finally, for the storage and exhibition of long loads, the Cantilever, easy to configure thanks to its modular arms, offers great resistance for long and heavy loads. Before the installation of racks and shelving, specifications are required for the articles displayed in order to select the type and layout of the equipment.

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