Diy Superstores


Create a unique atmosphere with our collection of display units for lights. Thus, in order to enhance the presentation of your  sconces, lamps, pendant lamps, we offer various original concepts that allow you to modify your shelving space quickly and simply. A reliable and attractive solution, the light grid allows you to present lights by hanging them on the desired surface best adapted to your retail outlet and your needs. The floor podiums in wood or metal will complete your display by highlighting targeted products that are easy to reach by your customers. Finally, the various options allow electrification, enhancing the overall effect of your light department. Rails, hoods and other electrified panels can be adapted to your light grid and highlight the area around your shelving in complete safety. All these layout options enable the rapid rotation of the articles exhibited and good profitability thanks to the presentation of light fittings that are switched on to create an attractive and warm space.