Diy Superstores


For the optimum presentation of your flooring exhibitions (tiles, parquet, carpet, linoleum, etc.), RASEC RETAIL offers designers who devise and reproduce the fitting of your shelving space and showrooms. Display units for tiling and parquet are available in different models, with or without stock, with drawers or sample panels, on heavy racks with exhibition, on podium for promoting your special offers, on sliding doors with storage or on shelves , and more, a wide range for varied exhibition solutions adapted to your store. For carpets and linoleum, opt for the electric unwinder or the mechanical unwinder. With or without a cutting system,is the ideal solution for the optimum presentation of your rolls and for great space saving. Finally, in order to enhance your carpet area and allow your customers to make their choice in a serene setting, RASEC RETAIL offers you different models of display units on pivoting arms, on low tables, with or without storage, and more.