Diy Superstores


A partner of leading food, DIY and specialist brands, RASEC RETAIL is recognised as an expert in the design and manufacturing of checkout units and positions itself as a pioneer in the integration and adaptation of new technologies in retail outlets. For more than 50 years, we have placed our expertise (design, conception, ergonomy, layout and manufacturing) at your disposal in order to meet your needs in terms of checkouts. self-scanning checkouts, retail checkouts and cash management checkouts. All our checkouts are conform to the latest standards in force and are available with rear trays in a PRM version that offers the possibility of adjusting the height. We offer you many adaptable complementary modules, such as storage spaces, antitheft device management, scales, printers, conveyor belts, stainless steel shelves, etc.,  a very varied and tailor-made range that will adapt perfectly to your store.